Our Thanks and 500 Viewer Goal

Hey guys, welcome to another Brawl Stars Daily special blog. This blog will mainly be about you and your support. Please read this short blog!

First of all, the team here would like to say thank you to all the readers and followers of Brawl Stars Daily. You are what makes us great and motivates us to write more blogs. Thanks to everyone for reading our blogs!

Secondly, we would like to thank The Weekly Brawler, which is our partner. They have helped create this blog website, and are a great help. Go and check them out here!

Finally, we would like to thank supporters. This includes everyone really. We would like to thank people that share our articles and blogs to their friends or spread it around! Thank you all so much for your support for Brawl Stars Daily.

That being said, we should talk a little about our 500 viewer goal/milestone. We are going to purchase Brawl Stars Daily as an official domain with the .wordpress removed! This is big for us, as it does cost us. Any donations would be a great help! We will have other things for other major milestones!

Thanks for reading this short blog. We hope you continue reading and supporting us! Thank you for your help. icon_gem


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