Bounty Snake Prairie Team-Comp Strategy

Hey guys, in this article I will be sharing you guy my ultimate strategy for the Snake Prairie map for Brawl Stars. This strategy consists of Bull, Shelly, Nita; the convenient part of this strategy is that these brawlers aren’t super rare, so most teams can use this combination.


-Main tank
-Damage dealer
-Guide tank

Bull takes the tank role in this strategy; this player should always guide the rest of the team; he chooses where they go. Bull is the main damage dealer in this strategy. It’s important that Bull is always about a roughly half a tile space in front of Shelly and Nita, to avoid splash damage units like Barley or Brock. Bull’s super should be used as an escape.


-Final blow kills
-Chip damage
-Damage dealer

Shelly is in charge of killing the enemies that Bull has weakened; she’s the assassin in this combo. Her range and spread allow her to kill retreating enemies. Shelly should always be behind Bull, but in the case of the Bull dying or encountering a brawler right around you, her short ranged, high damage output attack should provide a killing blow.


-Final blow kills

Nita stays near Shelly and is the support brawler in this combo. Nita has a short reload time, so every once in a while, this player should check their surroundings by shooting in the bushes. Her bear should be used in team fights to act as a tank or distraction. Nita can also help finish off kills with her ranged attack if needed. Make sure to take advantage of Nita’s short reload time, but don’t spam all your shots either.


It is crucial that your team is grouped together when playing. Try to avoid going out of cover, because Bull (and Shelly) is very good at surprise attacks. Keep in mind that this is not the only powerful combo is Snake Prarie, but instead just one strong combo. with a lot of synergies. This concludes my strategy guide on the Snake Prairie map, thanks for reading!

This article was written by N!IGHTL!IGHT and edited by Pattyfist. If you enjoyed this article and would like more, please follow us to never miss a post! Thanks for reading this guide! If you would like to be a writer, visit our Write for Us page.


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