Brawl Stars, Global, and Smash Land

FB_icon_1024Brawl Stars, released June 15 this year, is a fast-paced, real time multiplayer game developed by Supercell (Creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, and Boom Beach) that includes different varieties of game modes such as Smash n grab, Showdown, and Heist. Currently, the game is in closed beta, which means only people who have access to the Canadian store and possess an IOS device can access the game. However, people have been wondering why not release it in other countries, and especially, why not release it for Android. Let me explain.


Supercell developers have decided to release the game on IOS because game servers are not prepared for a global release yet. Currently, the game is still constantly improving and changing and developers are gathering feedback from the player reviews and what needs to be adjusted. They said, “Once the game team feels that we have enough information and that the game is in excellent shape, that’s when we begin to think about a global release.” That means that the game can’t still be globalized yet and that’s where the Android problem comes in consideration. Android games and files can easily be leaked because of their nature, meaning that if they publish it to Android, APK’s will be floating all around the world and they do not want that. IOS is safer and that’s the reason behind their decision in releasing it on IOS first.


But there is more! Not many people know about this, but Supercell had published in the past a very similar game to Brawl stars called “Smash Lands” which released April 1, 2015. However, 3 months later it shuts down unfortunately with very few people knowing about this failed Supercell game.


Thumbnail 1.png


Now, what does this have to do with Brawl stars you ask? Well, a lot. Developers learned about a lot of mistakes which happened in Smash Land (some of which are still unknown), and used those to improve Brawl Stars. It happens that when Smash Land was in early beta, some Android users leaked the game and it became widespread all around the world and despite its positive feedback, Supercell decided to discontinue the product for unknown reasons. We later found out that the game was very similar to a popular Japanese game called “Monster Strike”, but I’m pretty sure there were more reasons behind the cancellation of the game.




The question at the end is: WIll Brawl Stars go global? Well, that will ultimately depend on whether players are intrigued and want to play the game more. Supercell will release the game globally once Brawl Stars is developed. From the looks of the game right now, there is a good chance the game will go global. If you want our opinion on the release date, I’d say you’ll have to wait another month. To all you Android players: be patient, the global launch will come soon.

That’s it for today’s blog! I hope you enjoyed! This article was written in collaboration with *Vzek (Discord: Vzek#6456), so shout out to you. To get notified for new blogs, follow us! To support us, donate to us any amount! Thanks for reading!


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