08/16/2017 Balance Changes

So today, even though there was already a balance change 5 days ago on August 11th, 2017, Supercell deemed it necessary for another balance change to fix some mistakes they made in the last one, as it was one of the worst balance changes that Supercell has ever made. Above is a video going over the changes, and below is a list of all the changes.


  • Reload time increased to 1.5s (from 1.25s)
  • Main attack range decreased to 6.66 tiles (from 7.66 tiles)
  • Main attack shells are spread further apart

I think this is great, even though I love Shelly, because Shelly was extremely powerful in all situations and was an excellent brawler.


  • Main attack damage decreased to 440 (from 460)
  • Super damage decreased to 200 (from 300) per grenade

Once again, I agree with this as Piper felt a little too powerful on its long range snipes as one upgraded Piper can easily kill a low health brawler in 1-2 hits. Also, it’s super was still far too valuable as it can kill brawlers easily and run away from danger.


  • Main attack damage increased to 160 (from 140)
  • Super rate of fire improved. Scrappy (her turret) now shoots faster, time between shots to 0.25s (from 0.35s) and bullet speed increased by 33%

While Jessie was a bit underused in higher level games, a buff was necessary. However, Jessie may have become a little too overpowered now, especially, it’s turret, Scrappy.


  • Both main attack and Super damage increased to 80 (from 60) per knife.
  • Poison damage decreased to 80 (from 90)

While Crow is a legendary, it isn’t really much better than other brawlers. Increasing it’s main attack damage, including the poison damage, by 10 in total and its super damage by 20 will help Crow out a bit in getting those kills.


  • Main attack damage increased to 180 (from 160) per dynamite stick
  • Super damage increased to 540 (from 500)
  • Both main attack and Super projectiles deploy faster; explode time decreased to 1.4s (from 1.5s)

I feel like Dynamike was already pretty balanced, but with its damage increase and faster explosions, it makes Dynamike a much more reliable and powerful brawler.


  • Main attack and Super damage increased to 140 (from 120) per tick
  • Main attack bottles fly 16% faster
  • Super bottles fly 8% faster

As with Dynamike, Barley felt pretty balanced to me and making its damage and projectile speed increase a bit will sure help out Barley in doing some serious damage.


  • Reload time decreased to 1.7s (from 2s)

Bo to me, for an epic, is much too weak. It has a slow attack speed and medium range with low attack damage. Increasing its reload speed will definitely make Bo a more used brawler.


  • Main attack bullets fly 9% faster and range increased to 10.66 tiles (from 10 tiles)

Colt was also pretty balance, so making him have more range with a faster bullet speed seems a bit off. Colt is seen in all trophy ranges, and this change will make Colt a favorite to many players.


  • Reload time increased to 1.6s (from 1.5s)

Bull does much too much damage in close combat, so increasing its attack speed will help brawlers have a greater chance at surviving.


  • Power Up box damage boost decreased to 10% (from 15%) – decreasing the damage from boosts should now make end game fights last a bit longer

15% for each powerup is way too much, as any brawler with more than 6 can easily kill in 1-2 shots. This is definitely one of the most reasonable changes in these balance changes.


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